Connecting people to God, new Friends, and community

Connection Church is an exciting, life-giving church that connects:


individuals with God

                                        people with new friends

                                                                                          the church with our community


We connect individuals with God by offering an invitation to follow Jesus Christ at each service, teaching that is both relevant and Bible-based, worship music that is exciting and intimate, and small group studies that offer in-depth teaching. We offer FaceDown worship services on Sunday evenings for those who desire a deeper time of connecting with God.


Meeting new friends is an important part of Connection Church and we love defeating loneliness and depression through connecting people with new friends; our small groups, Growth Tracks, Service Teams and weekly services offer multiple opportunities to meet and connect with new friends.


Reaching out to the community is the heart of Connection Church! We desire to show the people of our local towns the love of Jesus by meeting them in the community, warmly accepting them, meeting their physical needs and speaking to the greatest need in their life, salvation.



Connecting people to God, new Friends, and community


Are you in need of God's healing touch in your body today. We are here for you.



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