Pastor Kevin and Pastor Kim Jones This is a tale as old as time. Kevin Jones met Kimberly Johnston at Huffman Elementary School in kindergarten. Over the years they became great friends. They remained friends and didn't become more than that until after high school where they ran into each other on a college campus. They were married in 1992 and have three beautiful grown children who are on-fire for God and share in their passion for winning the lost and showing God's love. Their oldest son Kiegan Jones and his wife Abby.,their daughter Katlyn Valentine and her husband Jerry, and youngest son Keziah Jones. Kevin accepted Christ at a young age and because of his bold witness to friends and anyone else he could show God's love to, he became known as "Kev the Rev" in junior high. That passion has never stopped; Kevin's first taste of ministry was at the age of 16 when he became worship leader for his Baptist Church. After that he was hitting the road with another young minister working with youth groups around the country. Kevin has been everything in the ministry from Church Janitor, Youth Leader, Worship Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Lead Pastor. He has been doing God's work for 27 years now and his love for God and His work hasn't waned rather it has grown stronger. Kevin's education in Bible College was through Life International Bible College in St. Louis, Mo. Kim also accepted Christ at a young age. Growing up as a School teacher/Youth pastors kid of Assemblies of God church, she was raised on the front pew. Kim's love has always been for the lost; she expressed it by door to door witnessing with her local youth group, serving in missions work in East St. Louis, and sharing her story with friends at school. Kim enjoys sharing God's love with others. She went to school to be an interpreter for the deaf community, wanting to share God's love with them. Kim has always been by Kevin's side, helping where ever is needed, wherever God places them. Kevin and Kim grew up in the mid-west near St Louis Mo. Most of their family resides near that area, but they both greatly desired to follow God wherever He called, which is why they are now in Maine. In 2012 their whole family felt God leading them away from their home; in April of 2013 God sent them to Trenton, Maine (1500 miles away from home) to start a new work for Him in Hancock County. Being "flat-landers" and "from away" they quickly found a love for the new state God had placed them in and are excited to see what God has planned .
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